do you want to SUCCEED?

 Everyone wants to succeed. Do you want to take care for your health, you’re looking for new friends, find love, start your own business, want to receive recognition, learn something new? Your thoughts might define whether you will succeed, or not. Iliyan will teach you how to think in the most intelligent way, so you will understand what you must do to succeed and avoid mistakes along the road.

What is intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to differentiate. In other words, how well you determine difference and lack of difference.

For example:

You differentiate that you are in a room.

You differentiate that there's something on the wall in front of you.

You differentiate that there ate two things on the wall in front of you.

You differentiate that one is smaller than the other.

You differentiate that these are two spiders.

You differentiate that one is a tarantula and the other is a home spider.

The better you differentiate between differences and lack of differences in a topic, the more intelligent you are in this topic.

Why would we want to increase our intelligence?

The more intelligent we think, the easier we achieve our goals.

If your goal is to start a successful business, to meet your love, to improve your health, to achieve something meaningful, to understand yourself better and the world, Iliyan will help you understand what you need to do to succeed.

How to increase your intelligence?

Your intelligence, and whether it will increase, depends on the how you think. To think intelligently, you need to do three things:

  1. Expanding your attention;
  2. Examine thoroughly;
  3. Exclude assumptions;

During the consultation Iliyan will help you use this formula in three steps to think in the most intelligent way.