Corporate Consultations

How can Iliyan help your business?

How can we help your business? Trainings on:

  • Negotiation Mastery

When you have important negotiations ahead of you and you want to prepare for them, from the strategy to the negotiations themselves. You can get advice based on the professional negotiation mastery course at Harvard - Negotiation Mastery by Harvard Business School. The course is based entirely on the practical experience and advice of the world's best negotiators, here are some of them: Michael Wheeler, Christopher Voss, James Sebenius, Deepak Malhotra, Leonard Lira, David Hoffman, Francesca Gino, Alison Wood Brooks, Hannah Riley Bowles, Max Bazerman.

  • Emotional intelligence. The training is based on courses in the field of psychology from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Queensland.
  • Processes Optimization. Iliyan has experience in multinational corporations as part of the Innovation Center in A1, winner of the Quarterly Cross CAI Competition for EMEA at AIG, also EmPower Plus Coach at Experian, where he earned his certificate as Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Practitioner.

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