"Everyone can increase his intelligence if he thinks intelligently.”

Iliyan Yanakiev

Iliyan Yanakiev is a member of the World Intelligence Network (WIN) and one of the most exclusive societies for people with high IQ in the world - CIVIQ. CIVIQ is a society founded by Evangelos Katsioulis, known as one of the people with the highest IQ - 198. The membership requirements is IQ in the top 0.135% of the population.

Iliyan's IQ is 150 on the Wechsler scale and a rarity percentile of 0.04%. Emotional intelligence - EQ 132 of the EQ-I 2.0 test.

Past Events

  • Lecture „How to increase your intelligence“ at „Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces“ on 10 October 2018.
  • Interview with Илиян for BNR (Bulgaria National Radio) on 16 October 2018.
  • Lecture „How to increase your intelligence 2“ at „Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces“ on 7 March 2019.
  • Lecture „How to think intelligently“ at  MENSA Bulgaria on 20 April 2019.
  • Charity lecture on "What school does not teach us". All collected funds were donated to the Bulgarian Red Cross for the fund "Creative Development and Educational Needs of Children and Young People with Special Needs".
  • Interview in the show 100% Awake in  BNT (Bulgarian National Television) on topic "How to improve our emotional intelligence" on 04 October 2019.

Iliyan's interview at BNT: